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My Two Issues With Gpl

27 Apr 2016

For a long time now I've had two issues with GPL that I've never posted before, but now I just started to have another crack at my GPL rank (no joke!) I thought it would be a good time.

1. It seems to me that throttle response in GPL isn't quite right. I'm a big heel-toe driver and I can't seem to ever blip deep enough to be satisfactory. Sometimes I don't think I catch the gearchange at the correct revs and this causes me to spin. If I drive in rFactor or Raceroom I have no problem - in fact if anything in those sims I have a tendency to over blip. If I come back to GPL I can notice straight away the the throttle is a little dead low down in the rev range.

My pedals are set up 'realistically' with the brake pedal slightly 'aft' of the throttle pedal like in the video below but not quite as extreme. You can see it clearly around 1:07.


I've tried adjusting the throttle in DXTweak but it doesn't seem to work with GPL. It works in rFactor but GPL seems to completely ignore the changes DXTweak makes. GPL seems to use its own driver or something.

I suppose the answer would be to reset my pedals just for GPL but that would be a pain.

2. The second one is that GPL gives me dry eyes (LOL). I notice this every time I come back and it's the only sim that does it. It doesn't effect me while driving, only afterwards in the evening or following morning. It disappears after I've been up for a while but it's very noticeable. I can only think it's to do with the way GPL renders the screen or something. I gamed on console for years and those games always ran at around 30 fps but I never had a problem with them so I don't know what the problem is.

Just wondering if anyone else gets this? I don't suppose there will be an answer to either problem but misery loves company I suppose. :unwell:

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Monument At Albert Park

26 Apr 2016

Something i walked passed the other day.. thought there maybe some interest in it.
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Paper Car Models

25 Apr 2016

Hi lads,

if you like diecast models but you don't wanna spend a fortune or simply wanna do something creative fun and different, here you go :) :)
The website has got a lot of cars, I linked you the one about F1 1961-1965


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Clubsport Wheelbase V2 Settings

26 Apr 2016

I just got my Fanatec CSW Base V2 today. Anyone else use this for GPL? Share some settings.

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S.f. Edge Trophy At Goodwood

25 Apr 2016

Posted by Paddy the Irishman in Motorsport Chat
Who needs even 1960s technology to go motor racing? Why not a wooden Chassis; solid rear axle; 8 sprockets and some lengths of chain and an hundred and eight year old air cooled aero engine ?


Watch this, open the link and select the picture of the taper-tailed racing car and prepare to be on the edge of your seat.


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