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Thanks To All Who Have Kept Gpl Alive!

Yesterday, 03:10 PM

Posted by Juramalt in News & Announcements
Well, I've looked for threads in the right places. But to say thank you to all the modders that have carried on working on GPL for the past several years I've been away. Really since Race Sim central died, ( shortly after my Pc with it).. Thanks to you guys the all in one installer made it pretty much idiot proof to get a working GPL again. I added the 65 mod. & Gem. Still works... :-o
I never had more than a vanilla install so Gem is new to me.  I've added a few tracks. Spa67 is the ultimate. Plus a few more that I didn't have before. Or updated versions with decent Ai. Awesome.
Just want to thank you all for your hard work. Thought you would have all moved on to other things... Ironic thing is I only rediscovered GPL after trying Raceroom and remembering how good GPL was! While Raceroom is good (now it is). The modern tracks spoil it for me. Every few yards a hairpin or chicane to keep the speed down. It's  health & safety gone mad. It's like speed limits on track days. Sure you can make tracks safe. Then people go nuts on public roads..... Another subject.
Thanks to all you modders. GPL can still keep up with modern programs. Just. Despite it's age. There's nothing like it. And on here I bet there aren't the idiots on line who's only joy is to park on a hairpin or ram somebody out of the race.
I'm a tecnophobe and struggle to get mods working. I still don't understand Gem. I'm better with hardware. But thanks to you lot I have an amazing sim on my PC that works & is fun to mess with. My Kids are asking questions about it!!!  You are bringing history alive.These days I can't be bothered to watch F1 at all. I can't get excited about a car that sounds like a vacuum cleaner.
Glad to be here. Thank you guys.

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New Igor Discovery – Advanced And Basic Trainer Car Racing

Yesterday, 08:23 PM

After poking around iGOR with a hex editor, it’s been discovered by Warren Hall that you can host races in iGOR with F2 (advanced trainer) and F3 (basic trainer) cars in any one mod.

I know that most of us like the full blown cars of each mod, even though we all know how much fun the F2 mod is.  But there are people, like me and the LoPeN league http://lopen.autosim...sport.net/who run the lesser powered cars in each mod because of closer racing and easier control.

Despite iGOR showing that F2 and F3 can be done with the car “1967 only” in the Host and  Security tabs when you host a race, it turns out that it CAN be done that way with any mod.  The host just needs to tick the desired Trainer level (F2 or F3 but not both) in the Security tab and everyone joining will be in that car class (although the client’s join window will indicate F1)

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Yesterday, 03:35 PM

It's me again...In old fart mode.
Intalled the track no problem. Very pretty. So much better than the old one.  Trouble is I now have both.  Only need one in a world championship. Now I'm sure I've read somewhere about somebody else with the same problem but I can't find it again...
So I know I can just delete the old Spa folder. But the season.ini also needs editing. If I just delete the old spa event, ( Since I now have 2 spa's in the championship!) Will it matter that there is a missing event in the numbering? Havn't tried a championship yet so no worrys there, I'm using Gem+ so probably that complicates things a little.
Whats the simplest solution? It's a shame the new spa isn't in the all in one installer but it must have missed the boat on that!
Please keep it simple......

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Winmip Versions

Yesterday, 05:28 AM

Posted by MECH in GPL-Tools/Utilities
Since Winmip is hard to find these days i've attached multiple versions here :)

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Yesterday, 05:32 AM

Posted by MECH in GPL-Tools/Utilities
GPLtrk version 2.1

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