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Albert Park 1957

Yesterday, 11:59 AM

An alpha was made in 2002 but discontinued due to a lack of data...Well, I think this would be a great track to drive. And I can start you off with a huge aerial map I compiled from Melbourne's library archive. It was taken in 1946, but the roads are accurate and you can see the placement of all the trees and so on :)

There is footage of most of the track on YouTube, from the 1953, 1957 and 1958 races. I'm sure many more photos exist too.

(Edit: Click this for an even bigger version of the thumbnail version below: http://www.the-fastl...ertPark1946.jpg )

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Hosting (Timed Out)

Today, 11:42 AM

I can join races which are available in Vroc and Igor. When I host a race and my racing buddy wants to join from his home he gets ''timed out''. He can also join online races. We have also tried with him as host, same result.

So basically we can join but not host. Any ideas?

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Not Sure If This Is The Correct Place To Ask - But

24 Nov 2015

Posted by Bo Bruce in GPL Request Area
michael e. carver?
he hosted a GPL league about 10-12 years ago called World Series

i still have a link

man.. some great names and fantastic memories. but one  day a scheduled race, MC failed to appear and so no launch.
to this day, after every attempt to contact him via email ... no reply.

i just wonder what happened to him :(

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What To Do After A Brand New Install

22 Nov 2015

Dear All,

I'm loving PnG but I've still got a pristine installation of version 3.1. What do I need to do in order to make it all singing and dancing in terms of tracks, setups and other tweaks? I have a feeling that I'm currently missing out. I'd love to find a bunch of reliable setups. All advice very gratefully received.


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Pribluda Not Working

22 Nov 2015

Posted by twinpotter in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Installed gpl and just 67 on my tablet with windows 10.
All is working fine but for Pribluda and I have also tried Display Modifier too,but no joy.

I have also done a search here and in google but can't see a solution.

As far as Display Modifier I patched the exe both gpl and gplc with no joy.

With Pribluda I downloaded here http://www.amirkamal...uda_readme.html

I then placed files in gpl menu and patched.Unfortunately in the Pribluda log file in gpl I get following

Starting pribluda
found GPL (gplc67.exe)
GPL is v1.2.0.2
GPL is NonUS
playerini is: player.ini
can't find a supported rasteriser

I have all V2 rasterisers and using opengl.I have noticed that it says gpl v12.02 version.I installed gpldemo on my tablet then overwrite the folder from a gpl folder back up from my external hardrive,which was originally a back up of my install to my laptop with the 1.07 installer.
I have also problems with running spa67 which won't load,so I am running the original spa.Apparently when troubleshooting the spa67 issue there was a statement to make sure gpl was patched to spa671.3? from gpl world and if you do that your gpl install on activation will still show 12.02? Thought this could be the problem?
Regarding spa67 also I have searched here and looked at all threads regarding spa67 failure to load,carrying out all rectifications,but no joy on loading track? Maybe it's my limited tablets specs that wont run it even adding in to the track folder all the light files?

Thanks for any ideas and help!


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