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Nascar Heat

Today, 11:36 AM

Posted by twinpotter in I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games
Just wanted to know peoples thoughts of this game. I know its a golden oldie now but have seen some decent reviews online. Thinking of tracking a copy down and installing it. Spotted the game years ago but never occurred to me to buy and play.
I think we know Nascar Racing 2003 is the real Nascar Sim but how does Nascar heat compare. Also seen loads of mods and add ons for the game so would it be worth a purchase.
Talking of other Nascar games I have just re-installed Nascar Sim Racing 05 by EA Sports.Some mixed reviews,negative and positive. What do you think.(PS: I have Nascar Racing 2003 by Papy installed.
So come on you Nascar and sim Racing fans,I would love to hear all your thoughts please.


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Dirty Goggles/visor

18 Nov 2014

Here I go again with ideas that may or may not be possible or relevant to gpl. Just like the gpl pit sound idea (still looking at) which you can find in this forum section.
These ideas are only because I like to see gpl progress just like any other race sim.
Anyway to my point/less waffle.
In one of my Moto gp games they have an option to clean your visor(using button on controller or kb) I think by using a tear off strip on the visor.While you ride your visor picks up muck/dirt+ oil and your riding view becomes cloudy until you hit your clear button. Cant remember if you have so many cleans or tear offs?I also think this option was also in an old console F1 game but can't remember title.
So would this be a good idea for gpl. Would it not only be practical or most important of all possible.
Or as it been thought about before or even done and I have not been aware off it.
What about other race sims like rFActor have they done this mod or thought about it.

Your thoughts people good or bad?


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Nvidia Gpu Upgrade

18 Nov 2014

Posted by il_lupo_mannaro in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hi all,
below is my 5 years old PC:

CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1 100T BE (winter 2013 upgrade)
cooler Arctic Freezer 7 PRO Rev. 2 (winter 2013 upgrade)
SB Asus Xonar DX
DVD burner LG GH22NS50 RBBB 22X
Case Antec three hundred
OS W7 ultimate x64
EIZO Foris FS2333 @1920x1080 (summer 2014 upgrade)

It's now time to upgrade the GPU: a GPL trouble free one it's mandatory!!

What will you suggest me amongst the following ones?

GTX 750ti
GTX 760
GTX 970

Who is owning one of them?

Looking forward to your comments.

Thanks in advance


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G25 Steering Problems After Ctd - Help!

Yesterday, 07:02 AM

Having just come back to GPL after a five year gap I was really enjoying my time hotlapping. However after a couple of weeks of successful operation my steering went really odd last night after a couple of freezes (off track excursions at the dreaded Speed Valley). I suddenly have a massive deadzone in the wheel. I have to turn the wheel probably 30-45 degrees in either direction before there is any reaction or any force is felt. It's basically undrivable. After the freeze I recalibrated the wheel in game and I've also unplugged the USB and restarted several times. I have not changed any settings either in game or in GEM. Anyone any ideas?

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When All Else Fails... Let Gem+ Rebuild The Mod's Gpl.exe

17 Nov 2014

For whatever reason I've found this does work when GPL acts up & CTD's. I've seen Moderators here advise it & I've
had success with this method after copying my backup folders into my install will not do the trick. So don't give up :)

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