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Power&glory/race 07

23 Jul 2016

Posted by twinpotter in I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games
Can you put extra tracks from GTL or GTR into the Power&Glory game.Is it feasible and worth it?

Just been having fun lately on Race 07.
Put the British Touring Car (BTCC) mods into the game with extra British tracks,like Oulton Park and Croft. Just one problem with that though. Under the BTCC menu tab, for the track lists, all those Brit tracks(about x6 in total ?) are not under that menu tab. Instead some Brit tracks  I installed in the game, are under the extra and add on menu tab.Why I don't know as I thought they would come under the BTCC tab?.I think It could be something to do with  menu data folders that I installed with the mods and in the Race 07 Dir?

But I decided to install Targa Florio,Spa 08,Le Man 08,Monaco 08 and other tracks.
What a blast, especially the Targa track.Down the long fast straight at the back end of the lap(name ?) in a Aston Martin. Wow :drive1:
In Race 07 do you run single seasons or is there a career.?
Any ideas and tips for Race 07 welcome including must have tracks and mods are welcome. Thanks in advance.
Wow and pedal to the metal.
Over and out,waffle over.


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A Beautiful Nurburgring Footage

22 Jul 2016

A lap at cruise's speed explain by Graham Hill, 1962
many details don't see when we go too fast


Sorry but I don't know to put the video directly here

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The End Of Brabham's And Nissan's Heyday In Imsa Gtp

Yesterday, 09:25 AM

Posted by JMF in Motorsport Chat
I've been watching some old Group C and IMSA GTP racing lately. I've liked Nissan since I was boy in the 1970s. They were a real force in US road racing through the 70s and 80s.

This is a good testament to the increase in survivability of wrecks in newer race cars. Brabham and Robinson were lucky.

All of us who have driven Road Atlanta 71 have probably experienced a similar crash to Brabham's. Luckily none of us know what it's like to suffer a catastrophic tire failure at the low point of the back straight.

At 38:48 there is onboard video of part of Brabham's accident.



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Hungary, Anyone?

22 Jul 2016

In order to try and spice up the sad state of F1 these days (currently more closely resembling WWE, i.m.o.), I have taken to the habit of racing the tracks that correspond to the F1 race occurring at that time.  I now race the GPL67 Historical Mod V2 almost exclusively and try to use the 60s tracks (such as Silverstone, Monza, Monacane) where possible. When the circus (name more apt than ever) moves to some Azer-who-cares circuit, I fill in with Kyalami, Hockenheim, Zandvoort, etc.

In any case, this week-end I again find myself at the Hungaroring (which I enjoy immensely, despite it not being a historical track).  The GPL Hungaro track is great fun to drive and the AI make many mistakes ... which allows me to be somewhat competitive :).  I must say, the 67 Historical mod makes it all so much more enjoyable (I use the Germany carset with the Nurburgring drvx67.ini added to the Hring folder).  I prefer the Cooper setup "pj_hungaroring_15669.co1" (renamed pj_hungaroring_15669.ke1), downloaded from the bcsims track database.

Two years ago, when I actually downloaded the track for the first time, I noticed that many AI cars were stuck in the pits and would not come out to qualify at all.  I am not technical by any means, but changed the track.ini slightly in terms of the space provided for the pit stalls and that seemed to solve that problem ... mostly. FYI, I have attached the altered track.ini below (not sure if it is any good).

There are still a few bugs that pop up from time-to-time: e.g. GPL ignoring my position and indicating me at the back of the field at the start (which sometimes occurs at some other tracks as well), and the AI cars behave quite erratically (cutting across the racing line without warning ... nothing remotely as good as Pavel's creations).  Most annoyingly are the cameras on TV1 and TV2 replays, which resemble a kaleidoscope. There are also too many marshals placed around the track (sometimes two per bend).  

I would really would like to improve this track but do not have the expertise to adjust the camera files (allowing me to enjoy the Head Movement add-on) etc.; so I was hoping someone might already have improved upon the track in such ways.

Can anyone help?  Thanks in advance!


Attached File  track.ini   4.55K   4 downloads

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Gem+ Crashes When Closing Every 2Nd Or 3Rd Time

20 Jul 2016

Posted by Stefan Roess in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."

I am asking for help for a G_P_L racing friend as we are running out of ideas.
I even tried to help him logging on his PC via TeamViewer...

As the title says, the problem is, that
GEM+ is crashing when closing (pushing the red button) every 2nd or 3rd but for sure at the 4th time,
without changing any settings meanwhile in GEM+.

He says the problem suddenly started without having changed anything on his system (Windows XP SP2).
He only uses that system for GPL, nothing eles. The PC is his racing simulator.

So far we have reinstalled GPLSecrets (GEM+, iGOR) and did a fresh GPL installation with installer 0.8.

GPL works fine when started via GEM+ and also via the 67 or mod exe and also via Start -> Programs -> G_P_L -> G_P_L 1.3

I thought of a hardware problem, but G_P_L itself runs fine, so does the rest of the system.

Any ideas what could cause that?

Thx in advance!


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