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[Gplracer Fun Race] 26.08.2014 / 60 Fps / 65 Mod / Falkenberg

Today, 01:08 AM

Posted by Stefan Roess in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"

!!! 60 FPS Patch !!! (60fpsv2newmod)


Falkenberg  2002  
Hallands Grand Prix

1965 Mod

Posted ImagePosted Image


- Date: 26.08.2014
- Race: 60 FPS Patch (60fpsv2newmod)
- Time: 20:30 CET (GMT + 2:00)
- Qualifying: 30 min
- Laps: ca. 30 min
- Mode: Intermediate -> Shift-R (no limit)

Ein Trainingsserver wird in iGOR ab 25.08.2014 online sein!
[A practice server will be online in iGOR from 25.08.2014 on!]

[Time Zones]:

Track Download

Track Updates

Mod 1965 Download


60 FPS Patch
This will be a 60 FPS Patch race using 60fpsv2newmod!
You are only allowed to join the server using the 60fpsv2newmod Patch!

Download 60fpsv2newmod Patch:

Copy the 60fpsv2newmod into you GPL installation to:
In case there is no options folder create one.
(It is recommended to do this for every GPL mod.
The list below shows which 60 FPS patch version works for each mod.)

Then start GEM+ choose the 65 mod/65 mod player and tick/activate the 60fpsv2newmod for your 65 mod.
Then close GEM+ and let it save. Then start iGOR.

As each GPL Mod does not work with every 60 FPS patch version it is best to put the 60 FPS patch in the respective GEM+ options folder of your mod in your GPL installation.

If you install the 60 FPS patches into [NOT recommended]
then the pachtes will always be shown in iGOR, but you
wont`t know which one works best for each mod.
So the first method as described above should be the best solution.

Here is a list which 60 FPS patch works for the mods:


'65 mod: 60fpsv2newmod
'66 mod: 60fpsv2newmod
Original '67 cars: 60fpsv2newmod
'67 F2 mod: 60fpsv2newmod
'67 GT/Sports: 60fpsv1
'69 mod: 60fpsv2newmod
'69 extra mod: 60fpsv1
'71 Can-Am: 60fpsv2newmod
Stratos: 60fpsv2
Thundercars: 60fpsv2

Empfohlenes Fahrer Verhalten (GPL)
[Recommended Driver Behavior]



Anmeldung [Sign up]
Bitte meldet euch hier an, wenn ihr mitfahren wollt!
[Please post here or @ GPLRACER forum if you want to race!]

GPLRACER forum thread:

Good luck & fun!
Your GPLRACER admins

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Calling All Interested Drivers

Yesterday, 08:24 PM

Posted by Bob Simpson in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
Virtual Online Racers (VOR) has a new season starting on Friday August 29.  The schedule is at http://forums.speedg...showtopic=37751

We have seriously fast drivers as well as novice racers participating in our series, so you will fit in.

Our races are on Fridays at 9:30 pm Eastern US time, but we also have open practices where everyone is welcome to join us on Wednesdays, same time.  And we have "Fun" races which are also open to any racers every third week or so.

Let me know here if you want any other information.

Posted Image

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Can't Connect To My Own Server Through Vroc Or Igor

Yesterday, 02:51 PM

Posted by Bob Simpson in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I have a problem which needs a solution, but it’s not critical as there is a work-around.

When I host a race on either VROC or iGOR, I am not able to connect through VROC or iGOR.  I can join by going into GPL’s multiplayer menu though and selecting the server’s address behind the router.

When I try to join through VROC or iGOR I get a message “10054: error detected on network device”.  Sometimes if I persist, when it says “Reconnect?”, if I hit OK and then within a millisecond hit the behind-the-router address in my multiplayer menu, it connects normally, but that takes split second timing and luck.

Any ideas why this is happening?  I’ve compared my core.ini [communications] settings with other friends who can successfully join their own servers and they are the same.

I wonder if it’s a router setting which would cause this.

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How Do I Make Sure To Run Blue Bt24 Online

Yesterday, 09:43 AM

Offline I run the blue Ligier Brabham, but online it's always green. Same for Cooper, want to run the blue one (like offline), but always seem to run the works car online.

Is there a trick to make sure, or is it at random online?


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Rfactor Questions

Yesterday, 07:06 AM

Posted by twinpotter in rF-Help - Editing & General
Just installed rfacor again and also the 1937 mod.
My questions are about the 37 mod.

1- I haven't started a season with the mod yet. Can I easily start a 37 season with no problems and also in that season can I just use the classic tracks I have installed like spa67 and Monza67.

2- When driving the classic Mercedes especially the car is undrivable as it weaves all over and loses traction. I know the cars are ment to drive awkwardly because of the era but I wondered if you could alter something  in the game dir. I know in the mod install notes it mentioned that steering help,traction and throttle control were blanked out for realism.

Any help/advice would be great.


PS- Having trouble finding Monaco 1967 track for rfactor to go in the 37 mod.Seen it for rfactor2 but not sure if you can backward compatible the track to original rfactor.

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