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Videos Of The Current Oao Season

21 Aug 2016

Peter Antonsen has been making some nice videos of the current oAo season. I thought others might enjoy them too.

I guess this would be my favorite so far. From it you can easily find the others.


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Spa '67 Replay

22 Aug 2016

Posted by Peter Dron in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
In GPLRank's World Records, there are two recorded laps for the Lotus, both by Harald Podzielny, one in 3min 16.7sec, the other half a second slower; he has also done a 3min 15.8sec lap in the Eagle.

These laps show up properly in GPL Replay Analyser, with a top speed of over 199mph on the approach to Masta.

However, in GPL Replay, it is in slow motion, the highest indicated speed is 120mph and the lap takes about five and a half minutes.

They key to this is in "Comments" in GPLRank: "Run at 60fps."

Some questions:

1) Should I be running at 60fps? If so, how do I do that?
2) What are the advantages/disadvantages? I presume, for example, that if one switches to 60fps, all the existing replays will be in 'fast-forward' mode...
3) Are there any other recorded laps of the Lotus at this circuit? (I am interested only if they are below 3min 20sec.)

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1955 Inaugural Race At Road America Video

18 Aug 2016

Posted by dbell84 in Motorsport Chat
I hadn't seen this before.  It's from the first race at Road America on September 11, 1955.  A sports car race that was won by Phil Hill (Ferrari 750 Monza)in a photo finish over a Briggs Cunningham owned "D" Type.  It's 51 minutes long and is good quality, especially for it's time.


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Thrustmaster T500 Rs And G25

17 Aug 2016

Posted by Peter Dron in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."

When I lost all my GPL stuff last year after a virus attacked my computer, I re-installed everything from scratch... except gplshift. I forgot about it, because I didn't need it at the time, my SST Lightning having failed some time earlier.

Now I have a new Thrustmaster T500 RS and I am having trouble assigning it in GPL. I have downloaded gplshift but am now stuck.

I remember from when I installed the SST that configuring gplshift taxes the abilities of a computer imbecile such as I (but that it was worth the trouble). Is there a step-by-step guide somewhere? I have searched here but have not found it.

One problem is that the Thrustmaster shift is not specifically mentioned in GPLShift.ini though I know that the shifter and the G25 wheel are compatible.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: After a bit of fiddling around, I now find to my surprise that it works in sequential mode. It must be one small step to switch to the H-pattern, but what...?

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Gpl Not Using Correct Network Interface When Started Via Igor

13 Aug 2016

So I'm trying to get back to GPL, and I got it running properly. Next step is online races, and that's where I have run into a problem. If I start igor, I can see online servers, and I can click connect to the green ones. But when GPL starts and gets to multiplayer screen, I can see in the background that it's using the wrong network interface. I have multiple interfaces (actual network card, vpn, vmware), and I'm using windows 10. I tried to go to advanced network setting and set my real network card as the top interface, but when I reopen it I always see the vpn interface as the top one, Even when I disable it. Is there any way to force GPL to use a certain network interface?

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